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Waterfront Camps/Houses

Please select a property below - Last Updated: 5/25/2022 10:52:28 AM
Picture Type Address Price
WATERFRONT LOTS Lower Pug Lake, 46 Pickerel Point Road, Lakeville $179,000.00
WATERFRONT LOTS Madagascal Pond, W. Madagascal Road, Burlington $79,000.00
WATERFRONT LOTS Tolman Brook, Lot 7S North Road, Carroll PLT $39,000.00
WATERFRONT CAMPS/HOUSES Molunkus Stream, 77 Swimming Hole Road, Macwahoc Plt $79,000.00
WATERFRONT CAMPS/HOUSES off Mountain Road, Mt Chase $149,000.00
LAND off Mallet's Mill Road, Lee $69,900.00
LAND Route 6, Lincoln $17,500.00
LAND Benedicta Road, Benedicta $169,000.00
LAND TBD Transalpine Road Lincoln $18,900.00
LAND Moores Road, Springfield $59,000.00
LAND off Engstrom Road, T3R1 $22,900.00
LAND Transalpine Rd & Folsom Pond Rd, Lincoln $19,900.00
LAND Lot 7N North Road, Carroll PLT $39,000.00
LAND Skunk Hill Rd (Lot 1), Lee $18,900.00
LAND TBD Transalpine Road, Lincoln $18,900.00
LAND Old Steamboat Road, Lee $37,500.00
HOUSES 251 Phinney Farm Road, Lincoln $345,000.00
HOUSES 281 Park Street, Springfield $49,000.00
HOUSES 134 Old Military Road, Winn $99,000.00
HOUSES 13 Lee Road, Lincoln $98,500.00
COMMERCIAL 40 River Road, Lincoln $95,000.00
CAMPS Moores Road, Springfield $72,500.00
CAMPS Lord Brook Road, Grand Falls TWP $79,000.00

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